What patients are saying…

Women’s Health & Wellness

"Hon Lee is an exceptionally powerful and caring person. He took a lot of time with his healing techniques, and really helped me with my thyroid problem, helped eradicate my ovarian cysts, and really helped me heal through some emotional issues.”

Liz S.


"It was suggested by my fertility specialist that acupuncture might be a good supplement to the treatments. I was referred by both my doctor and my colleagues to Mr. Lee. He immediately put me at ease: he explains everything he does and makes you very comfortable. I am always on the go and don’t often take time to rest, and each session with Mr. Lee truly was an escape. I would suggest Mr. Lee to anyone trying acupuncture (not just for fertility). And as a side not – I did get pregnant! Thanks Mr. Lee. ”


Depression and Anxiety

"I came to Hon Lee for help with depression and anxiety, which were successfully treated through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I later sought help with becoming pregnant at 39 years old. Treatment helped regulate and strengthen my cycle and after 7 months I conceived a baby naturally; 40 weeks later my precious baby was born.”


Complementary Support to Western Medicine

"Acupuncture and nature’s herbs helped me through my chemotherapy. Hon Lee rocks!!!”


"I have suffered from illness that has caused chronic pain and often depleted my immune system. Hon’s treatments have helped my body to heal from within and build strength. I have used Traditional Chinese Medicine as a complement to the Western treatments I need with great results.”


Migraine Headaches

I had painful and debilitating migraines triggered by dirt and dust from my favorite sport- horseback riding. I did not want to quit but the migraines were becoming unbearable. After having some negative side effects from western meds, I decided to give acupuncture and Chinese herbs a try before giving up all hope. I was experiencing four migraines a month, always after riding, that would last all day. After about a month of weekly treatments, the migraines became less intense and less frequent. The first time I woke up the day after riding without a migraine was like a small miracle. With continued treatments, migraines occurred once instead of four times a month. I now have only one treatment a month and am no longer taking herbs, which is enough to keep the migraines away. Not having to deal with them on a weekly basis is a blessing to me!! Hon definitely has a gift of healing and I am so thankful for this."


Rheumatoid Arthritis

"I went to Hon Lee when I had a swollen hand with fingers that I could not bend. I was told by my family doctor that it was rheumatoid arthritis. I was in excruciating pain for a week. No doctor could do anything to help it. After a week I went to Hon and within 48 hours (2 treatments) my hand had recovered 90%- the pain went away and the swelling went down- within a few days the hand showed no signs of the arthritis. It was nothing short of a miracle. My husband who is not a believer in alternative treatments was stunned with the wonderful result. Hon is a very knowledgeable and extremely talented acupuncturist and Chinese doctor. He is patient and compassionate. I hardily recommend him.”



"I sought help for relief from very acute back pain that traveled down my leg (sciatica), effectively rendering me disabled. Prior to that time I had received four courses of traditional physical therapy, six steroid injections, massage therapy, and even radiofrequency ablation. Hon responded to my request with a same day appointment. I received immediate pain relief from his acupuncture treatments, far greater than from PT or other therapies I had tried. I was able to greatly reduce the amount of prescription pain medications taken daily, enabling me to return to work. Hon treated me with great compassion and utmost respect, something often lacking in traditional medicine. Most surprising of all, he estimated it would take about 10 treatments to relieve the pain, and I was able to end our sessions after nine. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking pain relief.”


Neck and Shoulder Pain

"The treatment I received was outstanding. I am now free of the shoulder and neck pain I was experiencing. I had tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. My thanks to you and your staff for your outstanding work in the acupuncture field.”


Low Back Pain and Sports Medicine

"After living with increasing back pain from weight lifting for two years, and minimal relief from physical therapy and pain medicines, I was confronted with a decision — surgery or find an alternative treatment. Mr. Lee has been my last stop on the road to wellness!! “His ability to treat the cause and not just the symptoms has been realized in a healthier me! His whole body approach to each treatment has made a significant and positive difference in my energy levels. Thank you, Mr. Lee!”



"After several months of suffering with severe TMJ pain, my dentist suggested I see an oral surgeon. Instead, I made an appointment with Mr. Lee. After 5 sessions of acupuncture, my pain was gone. That was 8 months ago and it has not returned.”


Pain Management

"Hon’s treatments and regime of traditional medicine gave relief to constant pain that months of conventional medical treatment could not provide.”

D.F. Reston, VA

"I was referred to Mr. Lee and I’m so very glad that I was. He has given me relief from my pain and he got me interested in and practicing Qigong. The two therapies work very well together and it’s been a wonderful journey that he has started me on. I especially like that when I have had some very aggravated spots he takes the time to research what the best treatment is for me and I appreciate that greatly.”



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