Qigong Therapy

Qigong Therapy is one of the healing modalities we use to help patients restore and maintain health. It can be used alone or as a compliment to acupuncture, massage, nutritional therapy or herbal treatments.

Qi is the life force or vital energy that flows through your body. Gong means effort or work used to cultivate qi. So the term Qigong (pronounced Chi Gung) refers to methods to cultivate vital energy.  Qigong can be used to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit, optimize the body’s immune system, and help prevent disease. Qigong is an ancient Chinese method of self-care and self-cultivation. It includes physical postures, movements, breathing techniques and mental focus. Regular practice improves cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions.

iStock-meditation-300x300Qigong is an essential pillar of Chinese martial arts and Chinese medicine. In China, doctors use qigong to treat and prevent illness. Warriors practice Qigong to strengthen their bodies. Daoist priests and Buddhist monks use it as a form of spiritual practice to attain longevity or spiritual enlightenment. Confucian scholars say it builds moral character.

Although styles differ in focus, all are used to achieve unity of mind, body and spirit. Sharing common principles and theories, most involve some form of physical movement, body postures, mental focus, visualization, sounds and breathing techniques. Anyone can learn and practice Qigong. No experience or equipment is needed. There are thousands of Qigong styles that can be categorized as: medical, martial, or meditative.

Hon has studied and practiced several styles of Qigong and is a Certified Instructor and Qigong Master in Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ).  This healing system was created by Chunyi Lin, who was named 2010 Qigong Master of the Year at the 12th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Master Lin created a simple yet powerful system and envisions “A healer in every home, and a world without pain and suffering.”  

Hon studied medical qigong with Dr. Lisa VanOstrand and received a Doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ) certification under Dr. Bernard Shannon, Founder of the International College of Medical Qigong. The college offers a unique program that follows a curriculum used at Hai Dian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, known internationally for its high standards in medical qigong instruction and clinical therapy.

Hon offers qigong therapy to help patients with various health problems. Think of qigong as acupuncture without needles. Each session is approximately 30 minutes. During the session, Hon uses his hands to detect and removes blockages. He uses specific qigong techniques to promote the smooth flow of Qi through energetic pathways (channels) of the patient’s body, and to help restore the patient to a state of balanced harmony. Hon may also teach the patient qigong movements, exercises, or meditation to do as homework to keep the channels open. Distance healing is also available for patients unable to come to the clinic.

Hon conducts classes and workshops in Spring Forest Qigong.

Schedule of Practices, Classes & Workshops

All one-hour SFQ practice sessions are free. Please click this Virginia-Qigong Meetup link to RSVP and for a schedule of practice sessions, classes and workshops. Visit the SFQ website to watch a video clip showing some of the exercises we’ll be doing.

SFQ Level I Class: September 15, 2018 Click here for details and to register.

In this workshop you will learn: the history and principles of qigong; exercises to improve health; how energy blockages affect health; and keys to successful healing. This workshop will introduce you to a wonderful and powerful spiritual healing energy.

SFQ Level II Class: September 16, 2018 Click here for details and to register

In this workshop, you will learn: to increase your internal energy and scan the body to find blockages; Sword Fingers and Thunder Palms healing techniques; advanced skills to collect and protect energy. You will also practice sending energy to clear the blockages of others.

All SFQ Workshops are free for wounded U.S. combat vets


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