Want to fight colds? Get a hug!

by Hon Lee on February 16, 2015

In a new study,  over 400 healthy adults were exposed to a cold virus and quarantined. Those who reported getting the fewest hugs in their daily lives were more likely to suffer from severe cold symptoms. According to Sheldon Cohen, PhD, director, Laboratory for the Study of Stress, Immunity and Disease, Carnegie Mellon University, the theory is that hugs boost immunity by buffering stress.
a big hug love or friendship

One of my Qigong teachers recommends that everyone should get at least three belly laughs and eight hugs a day for optimal health. Have you heard of  Mata Amritanandamayi? She's a Hindu spiritual guru who is known as the "hugging saint" because she blesses people by hugging them.

Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong, says that love is the most powerful form of healing energy. So if you want to help boost your immune system and ward off colds, get a hug!

Hon K. Lee is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Herndon, VA., and the founder of Sports Edge Acupuncture Clinic. He is also an author, teacher, martial arts instructor, qigong practitioner and a U.S. Marine combat veteran. Proceeds from the sale of his memoirs go to charities that benefit wounded warriors and their families.

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